Rugby World Cup 2015 Competition

Inspired by some resources which @grahamandre shared on his fabulous Maths Shed website, I decided to create a game which my class can play whilst the Rugby World Cup is being played. It is a sweep stake type game similar to one which I haved played for previous football tournaments.

The rules are simple. Each child will have 50 credits to spend. They can buy as many teams as they can with a maximum of two teams from any one Pool. They can decide not to buy any teams from a Pool if they would rather spend their credits in another Pool. Deciding which teams to buy and how to spend their credits will lead to some interesting discussions – fingers crossed!

After each week of games we will study the results and the children will score points based on the performance of their chosen teams (see sheet for specific point scoring criteria).

I have bought some Rugby World Cup merchandise as prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and a wooden sppon for the person who finishes last. I hope this will be a bit of fun and promote an interest of the game and compeition. Who knows they may even decide to play the sport or even learn something about the countries which were involved!

I may even get the staff and parents involved. A mini rugby revolution!

Below is the link to the game sheet.

Rugby World Cup Game Sheet

I’ve also included links to some posters which can be used to help stimulate discussion about the World Cup in case there are children in the class who are unfamiliar with the sport or competition. These posters have been included with permission from Graham Andre (Maths Shed).


Location Guide  Team Guide

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